The Main Pool Location
EG's Aquatics have a new home!

We are excited to announce that all of EG's Aquatic programs are moving to a new location! The Main Street Aquatic Centre is located at 241 Main Street North, Newmarket.

Swim for Life Logo

East Gwillimbury (EG) is proud to partner with the Lifesaving Society to provide high-quality swim lessons for our residents. 

Swim for Life® is a complete learn-to-swim program from Parent & Tot through to Leadership. You can spot Water Smart® kids right away. They’re the ones who know how to swim and behave safely around water. The Lifesaving Society’s Swim for Life® program makes sure your kids are Water Smart® before they get in too deep.

You’re never too young to start, and never too old to learn. Swim for Life® offers different strokes for different folks – of all ages and abilities.

Today, the Society’s Swim for Life program has grown into a major, national program that teaches hundreds of thousands of Canadians how to swim every year.

If you have any questions about EG’s new Aquatics program, please contact our Recreations Services department.

What level should I register for?
Age GroupLifesaving SocietyRed Cross (Level completed)
4 to 12 months Parent and Tot 1 Starfish
12 to 24 months Parent and Tot 2 Duck
2 to 3 years Parent and Tot 3 Sea Turtle
3 to 5 years Preschool 1 Sea Turtle
3 to 5 years Preschool 2 Sea Otter
3 to 5 years Preschool 3 Salamander
3 to 5 years Preschool 4 Sunfish
3 to 5 years Preschool 5 Crocodile
3 to 5 years Preschool 5 Whale
5 years and up Swimmer 1 Swim Kids 1
5 years and up Swimmer 2 Swim Kids 2
5 years and up Swimmer 3 Swim Kids 3
5 years and up Swimmer 4

Swim Kids 4/5

5 years and up Swimmer 5 Swim Kids 6
5 years and up Swimmer 6 Swim Kids 7
5 years and up Rookie Patrol Swim Kids 8
5 years and up Ranger Patrol Swim Kids 9
5 years and up Star Patrol Swim Kids 10

Join the Team!

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