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Vivian Creek Trail

This Mount Albert trail provides a rich diversity of urban and natural experiences through two trail options. The trail begins in the Vivian Creek Park parking lot, just west of Centre Street. Leaving the parking lot, the visitor has the option of following the 3 metre wide asphalt trail easterly through Vivian Creek Park or heading south across the pedestrian bridge over Vivian Creek to the hiking trail.

The asphalt trail begins at the Vivian Creek Parking lot and winds easterly through the park. At the baseball diamond, the visitor can head north and connect to King Street or continue easterly on the trail to the back of the park. After leaving the park, the 3 metre asphalt trail changes to a limestone trail through a lowland meadow until it once again reaches Vivian Creek. At this point, the visitor can choose to head west over the bridge and Vivian Creek to the hiking trail that connects to Valley Mills Road and down town Mount Albert amenities. Or the visitor can continue east on the 3 metre trail to Samuel Harper Court.

The hiking trail section begins at the pedestrian bridge just south of the Vivian Creek Park parking lot and traverses a diverse woodland habitat as it moves southeast to the pedestrian bridge to the south. The visitor can continue east over the pedestrian bridge and connect to the main 3 metre trail and go north to return to the parking lot or go east to Samuel Harper Court. If the visitor remains on the hiking trail and continues south the trail connects to Valley Mills Road through two urban sidewalk connections. Valley Mills Road connects to downtown Mount Albert amenities through adjoining streets using urban sidewalks.

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Vivian Creek Trail Map