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East Gwillimbury 55 'n Up Club

On average almost 1,650 seniors per year are moving to York Region. In the future, a large percentage of these will be to East Gwillimbury. From 2011 to 2031, the senior population will be growing four times faster than any other age group. By 2031, the proportion of seniors in the Region will almost double from 12 per cent in 2011 to 21 per cent in 2031. 

As the Town grows, so will the needs of seniors. We need to offer our senior residents emotional, mental and physical supports as well as programming that encompasses a multitude of needs including arts and culture, physical fitness, education and social engagement. 

The Seniors Task Force is a team comprised of people from East Gwillimbury that support local organizations as well as individuals from the Town who are interested in addressing the needs of our senior residents and who feel that there is a need to help other seniors in the community. 

Through the Seniors Task Force, several short term initiatives have been be identified and put into place to demonstrate that there is a commitment to improving programs and services for senior citizens in the Town.

For the longer term, following a survey to determine that there is sufficient interest, working with the Town, the establishment of a Seniors Association would be initiated. In addition to this, a central dedicated building, provided by the Town, would be sought after as a base for the Seniors Association.

Vision: To have services and facilities for senior citizens in East Gwillimbury suitable for our growing and diverse population through collaborative partnerships. 

Identified Area Needs


Click here to view the entire Seniors of East Gwillimbury: A Blueprint for the Future.

Current Programs:

Seniors Task Force Weekly Walk and Social - Every Wednesday from 8 to 10 a.m. in the Canada Hall at the Sports Complex. This is a free drop-in program.

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