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Lead Sampling

Town-Wide Lead Sampling Program 

The Town is looking for residents in the communities of Holland Landing, Queensville and Sharon whose homes are serviced by the Town’s municipal water supply system to participate in a Water Sampling Program.

The Ontario Government has amended the existing Drinking Water Systems Regulation (O. Reg. 170/03), effective July 2007, which means East Gwillimbury  is now mandated to perform additional tests at private residential taps to check for lead in the municipal drinking water.

Residents who receive their water from the Town’s municipal water supply systems are encouraged to volunteer to take part in the Town’s Lead Sampling Program. On a first-come, first-served basis, your home could be a candidate for such water testing.

The program will involve testing tap water twice a year in the volunteer’s home. The Town is now exempt from testing for lead in residential and ICI plumbing and must only test the Distribution Watermains according to regulatory scheduling. 

East Gwillimbury’s records do not indicate the existence of lead water services from the municipal watermain up to the property line. However, there may be some privately-owned lead pipes from the property line to the house that have not been replaced, or there may be lead pipe plumbing within a home.

If you have any questions regarding East Gwillimbury’s Lead Sampling Program, please contact our Community Infrastructure & Environmental Services Department at 905-478-4283, ext. 1296 or