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Drinking Water

2019 Water and Wastewater Rates

The 2019 budget was approved by Council on March 19, 2019. There will be no increase to residential water variable rates. The rate of $2.28 per m3 has been in effect since 2016.  The wastewater variable rate will remain 
unchanged as $2.19 per m3 which has been in effect since 2018. The delivery charges for both water and 
wastewater will be increased by $5 to $70, which is billed quarterly per service. 

Watch the video below to learn why water rates go up:


Budget Background

  • York Region provides the Town with treated, clean drinking water, which the Town distributes to homes. The Region also provides for the treatment of wastewater. In 2019, the Region implemented a 9% rate increase for these services.
  • The Town worked to absorb the majority of this rate increase for our residents. The 2019 increase of $40 represents an approximate increase of 2.5% to the average account on both water and wastewaterservices, and is aligned with the rate of inflation

Water Conservation Tips

To control water use in the home, follow the 3 Rs:  


  • Wash your clothes in cold water when possible. This will lower the amount of energy used to heat your water.
  • Do not rinse dishes before placing them in the dishwasher – instead scrape them into the green bin.


  • Leaks from fixtures such as water softeners and toilets are the most common causes of high bills. Pick up a leak detection kit from Customer Service to test your toilet. 


  • Older toilets (like those installed before 1994) can use between 13-20 litres of water per flush. An average person flushes the toilet 5 times per day. Replacing a high-volume toilet is one of the best ways to reduce water use and save money.

Outdoor Tips 

  • Collect roof water for reuse via a rain barrel visit for more information. 

When you water your property: 

  • Water early morning to reduce evaporation and avoid fungus growth and mould.
  • Let the water soak in. If water puddles due to dry or compacted soil, stop watering and allow time for it to seep into the ground.


Water Meter Upgrade Program

The program involves replacing your existing water meter that is connected by wire to a remote fastened on the exterior of your home. The old meter will be removed and replaced with a new upgraded version that can transmit your water meter reading wirelessly to a remote reading device. The transmitting meter will allow the Town to read your water meter from the street eliminating the requirement for a meter reader to walk on or around your property.

For more information on the program, click here.

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