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Sidewalks Snow Removal Services

  • All of the Town's 70 kilometres of sidewalk receive snow removal service.
  • All bus stops have snow removal service provided by York Region Transit. 
  • Canada Post only clears snow and ice in front of super mailboxes that face the road (where there is no sidewalk) or where they face a sidewalk that is cleared by the Town.
  • Council reviews all requests for sidewalk snow clearing with the following prioritized policy guidelines in mind:
    • Major arterial roads servicing commercial areas and major pedestrian links
    • Transit routes
    • School and seniors homes access

NOTE: Public walkways between sidewalks or roads are not cleared

Sidewalk Repairs

An inventory of deficient sidewalk bays is maintained and updated through routine inspections and public input.  Deficiencies are prioritized and replacement depends on available funding approved by Council.

Sidewalk Locations

In newer subdivisions sidewalks have been installed on the collector roads and other pedestrian links. Requests from the public for new sidewalks are listed, prioritized and referred to Council for consideration during the budget process. Priorities such as transit routes and arterial roads are considered.