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Road Maintenance

The Town maintains all roads under its jurisdiction and routine roads maintenance is ongoing. All roads are inspected at least on a weekly basis. Regardless, we appreciate comments or notification of problems from the public.

Spring Road Maintenance- Potholes and Street Sweeping

Pothole Maintenance
Residents are reminded to exercise caution on roads as potholes can develop when temperatures begin to hover around zero degrees. Town road staff regularly patrol roads to monitor and determine maintenance activities that may be required. Potholes are noted and repaired as required.

Should residents encounter a pothole that seems to have been overlooked by staff contact Customer Service to report it. Please make note of the specific location to assist staff with locating and determining the best method of repair.

Street Sweeping
Street sweeping is carried out in the spring to remove winter sand. Commencement varies depending on weather conditions. All ice across town must be melted and roads must not be too wet since it is very difficult if not impossible to sweep saturated and frozen material.

General Road Maintenance

To control dust on gravel roads dust suppressant is applied. However, its effectiveness is a function of weather and traffic volumes and re-applications are common in some areas.

Municipal Tree Policy contact:

  • Community Programs and Infrastructure at 905-478-4282 for tree trimming, removal and replacement within Town road allowances and parks.

Winter Road Maintenance

For more information regarding winter road maintenance including frequently asked questions please click here.