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The Town is responsible for all streetlighting on Town roads and mid-block streetlighting on Regional roads in East Gwillimbury. York Region is responsible for streetlighting at or near regional intersections. Lighting found in parking lots are typically privately owned. The best way to identify if a streetlight belongs to the Town or Region is by the streetlight identification tag.

Streetlight Identification Tags 

Both the Town and York Region identify their corresponding streetlights with tags on the pole. The two types of tags differ from each other and are illustrated below.

East Gwillimbury – Streetlight Identification Tag (Vertical Alignment)

Vertical Street ID Tag

York Region – Streetlight Identification Tag (Horizontal Alignment)

York Region Street ID Tag

 Should you notice any lighting issues, please feel free to fill out our online form here or contact the Town at 905-478-4282 noting the closest address to the streetlight and the Streetlight Identification Tag number.

Streetlight Maintenance & Repairs

The Town owns and maintains over 2000 street lights within East Gwillimbury on a regular basis. These lights are regularly patrolled to identify issues however we appreciate your help in identifying street light issues as well. Please be aware that street lights will typically be repaired within 2 to 3 weeks under normal circumstances. Delays may occur periodically due to the type of repair required, contractor scheduling conflicts, shipment of parts, weather delays and emergencies.

Should the street light require repairs to underground infrastructure (buried wires), a longer repair time may be necessary.

If you have any questions about the status of the repair please contact us at or by phone at 905-478-4282.