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Curbside Concerns

4 possible reasons your green bin was not emptied:

  1. There was a Health and Safety concern. Please ensure all Green Bin materials are securely contained in bags that are tied or closed. Please avoid using twist ties. As of May 2011, Certified Compostable Bags are mandatory in the Green Bin.
  2. Your Green Bin contained materials that are not acceptable in the program (ex. Grass clippings)
  3. Your Green Bin was overflowing - fill the Green Bin just to the top so the lid securely closes. Additional Green Bins can be purchased.
  4. Your Green Bin was just too heavy. Green Bins cannot weigh more than 22 kg/50 lbs.

How to get the green bin right:

  1. Option #1: Line your small indoor container with a compostable, Kraft paper or newspapers. Fill your indoor container with organics. Transfer your tied organic-filled bag into your Green Bin.  Place your Green Bin at the curb on your collection day. 
  2. Option #2: Line your Green Bin with a large compostable plastic or Kraft paper bag . Fill your small indoor container with organics.  Transfer loose organic material from your small indoor container into your lined Green Bin. Tie your Green Bin liner closed. Place your Green Bin at the curb on your collection day.

Note: All organic material must be contained in Certified Compostable bags. Organic material placed loosely in your Green Bin will not be collected.