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1. When is waste/recyclables collected?
Waste collection can occur anytime between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. on you scheduled collection day. To determine your collection day please
refer to the Waste & Recycling Collection Calendar.

2. I am moving into a New Development, where do I pick up my Blue/ Green bins?
The town of East Gwillimbury has supplied all builders with enough bins to be provided to each new home. If the bins are not in your home at the time you move in please contact your builder and arrange to have the bins supplied.

3. What is collected?
What Goes Where? is A Household Guide to Municipal Collection Programs. Also, visit York Region's app the Bindicator. It allows you to search the proper way to dispose of any item.

4. Where can I dispose of waste that is not collected?
Waste that is not collected with regular garbage can be disposed of at one of the York Region Transfer Stations, refer to Other Waste for further details on these facilities.

5. What happens to collection on statutory holidays?
Most statutory holidays fall on a Monday and since the Town does not collect on Mondays, collection is not affected. For statutory holidays that occur on days other than Monday, collection is pushed forward one day. For specific days refer to the Waste & Recycling Collection Calendar.

6. Can containers other than Blue Boxes be used for recyclables?
Residents should use Town issued blue boxes. Additional blue boxes can be obtained at the Town offices and there is no limit to the number of blue boxes collected.
The Town will replace, free of charge, any damaged Town issued Blue Boxes. Newspapers and cardboard (size limitations) can be tied in small bundles.
Please note: The Region does NOT accept recycling in plastic bags. Any recycling placed in bags will be tagged and not collected.

7. What do I do if my waste and recyclables were not collected on my collection day?
For missed collection or collection inquiries, please call the Town's contractor, Green For Life (GFL) at 1-866-421-5625.

8. Previous owners have moved and left their garbage. Who is responsible for this?
There are bag limits for residential and commercial units respectively. Regardless, the new owner is still responsible to dispose of left-behind waste from previous owners.

9. Is there a pick-up for large items?
In addition to the bag limits, some large items will be accepted with garbage. Refer to the Other Waste page for further details. Most metal (white goods) can be collected at the curb, call GFL 
1-866-421-5625 to schedule a pick-up. 

10. Who is responsible to remove waste deposited on an individual's property that was left by an unknown party?
The property owner is still responsible.

11. How many Blue Boxes / Green Bins can I use?
As many as you wish to purchase through the Town.  They can be purchased from Customer Service for a cost of $10.43 for a 22 gallon Blue Box, $5.11 for a Kitchen Catcher, and $20.69 for a Green Bin (Green Bin and Kitchen Catcher sold separately).  *prices include applicable taxes and are subject to change without notice.

12. If I want to dispose of more garbage than the bag limit allows, are bag tags available?
Since the Town presently does not utilize a user pay waste collection system, additional bag tags are not available. Therefore, the bag limits must be complied with and are:
- Residential Premises : The number of Garbage Containers put out for collection shall not exceed two (2) for each collection day. 
- Commercial or Industrial Premises : The number of Garbage Containers put out for collection shall not           exceed four (4) for each collection day.

13. Why aren't grass clippings allowed in the Yard Waste Stream?
Grass clippings were removed from curbside collection due to the weight of this item. The Town also recognized that these items frequently began to decompose at the curb creating odour issues. The Town promotes grass cycling and backyard composting to divert this waste stream.

Extra waste can be disposed of at one of the York Region Transfer Stations, refer to Other Waste for further details on these facilities.