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Open air burning

In order to prevent potential fire risk in our community East Gwillimbury Emergency and Community Safety Services department may implement a Town-wide fire ban as a result of the following factors:

- Risks of the fire getting out of control
- Temperature and humidity
- Water restrictions and or water bans
- Atmospheric conditions

Residents must comply with the rules of the ban. Fire bans are issued for the safety of residents, property protection and the ensuring the safety of our firefighters. Outdoor, open air burning is not permitted during the fire ban. This includes campfires, chimney fireplaces, fire pits, fireworks and any other kind of outdoor burning. Residents can still use natural gas or propane barbeques and outdoor appliances as long as they have an on and off switch or valve.

All fire permits will be cancelled during a fire ban until it has been lifted.

Anyone having an open air fire while a fire ban is in place can be fined. Should the fire get out of control and emergency fire response is required, the person responsible for the fire can be charged the full firefighting costs.

If you have any questions about fire bans please contact East Gwillimbury’s Fire Prevention Officer at 905-478-4283 ext. 1120