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Thinking Green! Development Standards Program

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Building on the vision of the Town’s Official Plan, the TGDS Program takes a holistic approach to sustainability. The Program’s measures fall under three key theme areas that cover a range of elements of a development application, including those internal and external to both buildings and sites. The TGDS Program challenges thinking around sustainability to extend beyond the building envelope. The measures are expressed as three different target levels: 

  • Level 1 represents the minimum expectations of the Town 
  • Level 2 represents an improved standard
  • Level 3 represents an optimal achievement

All new Draft Plan of Subdivision and Site Plan applications submitted to the Town under the Planning Act, with the exception of Site Plan applications for single detached dwellings in the Oak Ridges Moraine, are required to address the Town’s TGDS at the pre-consultation stage and as part of a complete application. At a minimum, applications are expected to achieve:

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 May 2018 TGDS Program (applications submitted after June 5, 2018)

  • User Guide – provides an introduction to the Program, its theme areas and measures. The User Guide also explains how to use the TGDS Program, and includes a glossary of specific terms and helpful links.
  • Application Information Form – a template to be completed by the applicant, to create a record of basic information about the subject lands and proposed development. Applicants are required to include this form in their submission to the Town.
  • Pre-Consultation TGDS Checklist (Draft Plan of Subdivision and Site Plan) – a template that encourages applicants to design with the TGDS Program in mind by preliminarily identifying which measures the application plans to meet. Applicants will complete and submit this document as part of their Pre-Consultation meeting request to the Town.
  • TGDS Assessment (Draft Plan of Subdivision and Site Plan) – a template that requires applicants to provide detailed assessments of their development applications to identify what measures will be achieved and how they will be achieved. The TGDS Assessment must be submitted at the time of application submission, as it is part of a complete application. 

February 2012 TGDS Program (applications submitted on or before June 5, 2018)

If you submitted an application on or before June 5, 2018 and require the February 2012 version of the TGDS program, please contact Town Staff to provide you with a digital copy.

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