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Celebration Tree Planting & Bench Dedication Program

PurposeCommemorative Cover

The purpose of the Celebration Tree Planting & Bench Dedication Program is to plant commemorative trees or place dedicated benches in Town Parks and areas around Town facilities as an opportunity to celebrate life’s events, such as outstanding achievements, birthdays, anniversaries, births or the life of a loved one.

The special gift of a tree will take its place as an important part of our natural environment and will be a shared record of the life experiences of our families, friends and community. The special gift of a bench will provide a rest area for the public to enjoy the beauty of our parklands.

Commemorative Bench or Tree Planting Application

Dedication Location

Not all park areas are suitable for dedicated planting or bench placement. Park staff will work with the contributor to determine an appropriate location for the tree or bench to be installed. Locations to be considered will be Community Parks and Centres, Libraries, the Civic Centre and Arena. Every effort will be made to comply with the wishes of the contributor; however the Parks Supervisor will make the final decision on planting and bench location.

Tree Planting & Bench Placement

Mountain AshTo ensure the health and survival of the tree, installation will take place in either the spring or fall planting season. Requests received from September 1st to March 31st each year will be planted in the spring and requests received from April 1st to August 31st each year will be planted in the fall. The tree will be planted to Town standards and specifications.

When requesting a dedication bench, contributors must make their formal request for a bench dedication at least two months in advance of their proposed placement time. Park benches will only be installed from April 1 through to November 15 of every year (frost free period). Only a Leisure Services standard park bench will be approved.

If the contributor wishes to host a ceremony or event in conjunction with the planting or bench installation, the Parks Supervisor will contact the contributor to make scheduling arrangements. If no ceremony or event is planned, staff will contact the contributor once the tree or bench has been installed.

Tree Species

All dedicated plantings will be deciduous trees and must be chosen from the species list found below. Changes to species may be suggested due to seasonal planting location.

Tree Purchase

The contributor will be responsible for payment of approximately $335* for a 50-60 mm (2”-2.5”) diameter deciduous tree of their choice from the species list indicated below. The purchase of the tree will include a two year warranty.
* (taxes included and fee based on market value for the current year)

Bench Purchase

Bench and TreeThe contributor will be responsible for payment of approximately $2,510* for the approved standard park bench which is a black enamelled steel bench with seat and back rest and anchored on a concrete pad. The purchase of the bench will include a five year warranty.
* (taxes included and fee based on market value for the current year)


Optional Dedication Plaque & Base

A commemorative plaque can be purchased for approximately $425*. This dedication plaque is 6 – 8 inches in diameter with polished text on a textured background.
* (taxes included and fee based on market value for the current year).

The plaque will be installed in a concrete base mounted flush to the ground, an appropriate distance from the trunk of the dedicated tree. The bench plaque will be installed on the concrete bench base. Wording on the plaque will be approved by the Town.

The cost to replace the plaque due to theft or vandalism will be the responsibility of the original contributor. Placement of memorial wreaths, flowers or other items will not be permitted.

Certificate & Public Recognition

Council will be notified of the donation and the contributor will receive a certificate (suitable for framing) marking the occasion and will be publicly recognized on the Town’s web site.

Tree & Bench Maintenance

Parks staff will maintain the tree and bench in the same manner as other park trees and benches. Replacement of a dedicated tree or bench after the warranty period has expired will be at the discretion of the Town.

For Further Information

If you would like further information, please contact the Community Parks, Recreation & Culture office at 905-478-4282, ext. 3843. If you would like to make arrangements for the purchase of a commemorative tree or bench, please click, download and fill out the Commemorative Bench or Tree Planting Application.  You can also pick up the Celebration Tree Planting & Bench Dedication Program pamphlet at your local community centre.

Tree Species

  1. Red Oak (spring planting only)
  2. English Oak (spring planting only)
  3. Gingko (spring planting only)
  4. Honey Locust (spring planting only)
  5. Kentucky Coffee Tree
  6. London Plane Tree
  7. Little Leaf Linden
  8. Red Maple
  9. Freeman Maple
  10. Sugar Maple
  11. Mountain Ash
  12. Tulip Tree