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Building Permit Application Process

  1. Submit your application with supporting information, plans (pencil drawings not accepted) and the fee to the Building Standards Branch.
  2. Your application is reviewed for completeness and compliance with local zoning by-laws, the Ontario Building Code and other legislation.
  3. A decision is made to approve or refuse your application. If your application is denied for technical reasons, appeals may be made to the Building Code Commission.
  4. A building inspector then checks major phases of construction from start to finish.

Our Building Permit Guide for Homeowners is a helpful guide designed to assist you with your application process and to provide information on common projects that require a building permit.

Roles and Responsibilities in the Residential Building Construction Sector

Designer Information Required

Since January 1, 2006, the Ontario Building Code has required designers to provide information about their registration, qualification, and design responsibility on every document submitted for a building permit.  This information is required on every sheet of a set of drawings.

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Sample Drawings for Residential Projects: