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Building Permits and Inspections

Development Services during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Town municipal offices remain closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. However, the Building Branch continues to accept and process building permit applications.  

The Building Standards Branch continues to provide services including:
Building Permit Applications can still be received, processed, and permits issued
Inspection services for all building projects will continue

Building Permit Applications

New Applications

The Building Branch is accepting electronic building permit applications via email or USB drop-box submission, at the Civic Centre rear entrance. Please email once you have dropped off your submission. Staff will confirm by email that we have received the application. 

What is required in the drop-box:
• An envelope or ziploc bag, labeled as “Building Permit Application”
• The envelope or ziploc bag should only include:
  1. USB Drive with all electronic documents, plans, and drawings. TIP - Use the same USB for multiple permit   applications! We will make every effort to return your USB Drive, however, we cannot make any guarantees.
  2. An original, signed, hard copy of the Building Permit Application form with your phone and email on the form.
  3. A cheque made out to the “Town of East Gwillimbury” for the permit fees.
You can calculate your building permit fees using Calculation of Fees Table. If you have any questions in related to your building permit fees or submission, please contact us at or (905) 478-4283, ext. 1261. 

For full submission details, please see the following instructions:  

Please submit any general Building related inquiries via email to

Please note that the Building Branch does not review or issue Pool Permits. For more information, please see Swimming Pools.  

Building Inspections

Building inspection services have not been impacted at this time. 
To request an inspection, the permit holder or authorized agent of the owner must provide:

• Name and Phone Number
• Municipal Address
• Building Permit number
• Type of inspection
• Requested Inspection date
Please email your inspection request with the above information to

The Building Code Act and the Ontario Building Code are still in effect and construction without a building permit is prohibited. Prescribed building inspections are still required to be scheduled, including occupancy inspections.

General Information 

The Building Branch provides a variety of mandated and non-mandated services to the Town’s residents, builders, and developers. 

These services include application of standards with respect to the safety of buildings with reference to public health, fire protection and structural sufficiency. The standards are applied through plan examination and site inspection functions related to buildings, plumbing systems, heating systems and on-site sewage systems.