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Economic Development & Sustainability

Primarily responsibly for implementing the Town's economic development objectives including achieving the projected employment population of close to 40,000 jobs by 2031 and continuing to provide leadership for the Town's sustainability programs, including the "Thinking Green! Sustainability Strategy" and the municipal-wide Community Energy Plan.

Economic Development initiatives also include administrative and resource support to the Business Development Committee, Farmer's Market Committee and participation in a number of York Region and N6 economic Development Projects.  Sustainability efforts presently include the implementation of the Town's Community Energy Plan (CEP) and Thinking Green! Sustainability Strategy. In addition, the Sustainability Branch is responsible for the policy development in the areas of sustainable development and environmental protection.

Objectives focus on implementing the first-ever Economic Development Strategy for the Town. As well as the following:

  • Provide enhanced services and activities to promote economic development and business attraction

  • Develop a post secondary attraction program in partnership with York Region

  • Complete the Employment Linkage Implementation Strategy

  • Develop a Community Energy Implementation Plan

  • Renew and revitalize the Town's Thinking Green! Sustainability Strategy

  • Continue to monitor and report to Council, as necessary, any Regional, Provincial and other external policy initiatives in terms of implications to the Town and its economic and sustainability objectives

Economic Development and Sustainability assists the General Manager and Planning Branch in securing approval of the Town's new consolidated Official Plan. Branch staff continue participate in and support the Planning Branch with Secondary Plan related projects.