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Responsible growth & environmental protection

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Strategic Priority

Ensure responsible and balanced growth management by incorporating progressive standards and a commitment to preserve our environment and heritage as we grow.

Strategic Actions

  • To promote the stewardship, preservation, conservation, protection and enhancement of the natural environment in East Gwillimbury
  • Ensure development occurs in a sustainable fashion, with a focus on preserving the Town’s cultural heritage and environmental features
  • Attract and support business development and job creation in East Gwillimbury
  • Ensure that communities are built in a respectful manner, with resident and business quality of life protected
  • Advocate for a variety of housing and employment options for residents in every stage of life

2021 Projects

This portion of the website will be updated throughout the Term with relevant projects and plans.

  • Ongoing site-monitoring for new developments 
  • Ongoing site-monitoring for fill sites
  • Continued public outreach and updates and completion of the detailed design of the new Health & Active Living Plaza

  • Active Transportation and Trails Master Plan (ATTMP) update including mapping, priorities and standards with a focus on pedestrian signage and safety.

  • Conduct comprehensive community consultation to develop the design of the Emily Park reconstruction and Simcoe Trail Extension

  • Construction of the key ATTMP connection at the Oriole Drive Bridge Boardwalk and Trail

  • Commence with the public consultation and design of the Sports Complex site and facility expansion project

  • Explore private public partnership opportunities for a multi-sport dome facility 

  • Begin analysis of vision for fourth Fire Station and investigate opportunities to secure land and commence developing the scope of requirements for the project.

  • Conduct a Paid on Call Firefighter recruitment with a focus on Mount Albert area

  • Implement ebilling improvements to promote environmentally-friendly practices and achieve cost savings related to distribution 

  • Develop an updated Economic Development Strategy that supports the expansion of servicing and planning for the first phase of the EG business park

  • Expand the Business Advantage Program to enhance business experience across all departments

  • Enhance environmental programs such as textile, recycling, battery recycling and reuse days

  • Support York Region and the Province of Ontario to advance the development of the UYSS (or alternative solution), Highway 400 - 404 Connecting Link, and other key employment servicing infrastructure


  •  Multi-year servicing strategy Strategies:
    404 Employment Lands – Confirm/refine strategy through the Water/Wastewater Masterplan Update – 2021/2022
    Leslie Street Servicing – Project scope/design concept to be prepared in order to apply for any grant opportunities 
  • Purchased a replacement fire apparatus
  • Conducted annual paid on-call firefighter recruitment to support composite fire service
  • Refreshed Business Advantage to prioritize job creation and non-residential investment in EG

  • Brought forward to Council development proposals with employment opportunities and diverse housing options, i.e. Kelson, Leslie Street Daycare, Auto Campus

  • Significant infrastructure installed through development including Judah Doane Way and Murell/Mt Albert intersection improvements and asphalt walkway to Leslie Street

  • New Parks Development including Ridgeview Phase 2 and  Children of Peace Park 

  • Park Redevelopments at Mount Albert and Queensville Community Parks New Trail Construction Oriole Drive, Colony Trail and Sharon Creek 

  • Sharon Creek Trail Completed within schedule and within approved budget

  • Oriole Drive project tendered, awarded and construction has commenced

  • Colony Trail and Emily Park project public consultation in process. Project is on hold pending a public meeting with residents when permitted


Community Parks, Recreation & Culture

Community Infrastructure & Environmental Services

Development Services

Emergency Community Safety Services

  • Aerial apparatus delivered
  • Emergency Plan and By-law Update (Annual Compliance update)
  • 2019 Emergency Management Compliance on track    
  • Tanker Shuttle Accreditation Planning
  • Traffic/parking by-law update ongoing
  • Idling Control By-law approved in July
  • Smoking By-law joint report with Legal approved in June
  • Continuation of Town’s positive ticket program

Corporate Services

  • 2018 year-end audit and financial statements completed with enhanced resident-focused documents
  • Development Charge By-law Update complete (Bill 108 changes to DC legislation, review and sensitivity analysis underway)
  • User Fee By-Law update underway with completion expected in 2019
  • Staff are working on reviewing internal processes and system to move towards a more self-serve, user friendly process in billing and customer service
  • In-house development of Strategic Plan
  • Strategic recruitment of Economic Development Manager
  • Review and revamp program to prioritize job creation and non-residential investment in EG

Legal and Clerks

  • Proposed agreement reached regarding appeal on Zoning By-law
  • Acquired cyber insurance to protect the Town against cyber-attacks/threats
  • Enhanced road claim forms and process for residents