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2020 Business Plan and Budget

2020 Business Plan and Budget Header

The Town of East Gwillimbury is proud to be a debt-free municipality. The annual Business Plan and Budget uses the Town’s Strategic Plan to identify key priorities and funding for municipal programs, services and infrastructure and establishes the tax levy required to meet those needs.

2020 Business Plan and Budget Approved 

Council approved the Town’s 2020 operating, capital, and development fee supported budget at the February 17 Council meeting. The budget reflects previous Town budgets as it continues to focus on maintaining base programs and services at the rate of inflation, while providing for Council’s multi-year commitment to community safety, and a multi-year funding plan for the operation of the new Health & Active Living Plaza.

Public deliberation meetings began in October, and allowed the public and community groups an opportunity to provide feedback and meet with Council to discuss the 2020 budget. As a result of the meetings, Budget Committee was able to reduce the proposed tax levy increase from 3.6 per cent to a total of 2.8 per cent, which is $45 for the average homeowner.

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2020 Business Plan & Budget

The 2020 Business Plan and Budget contains four main components. Components 1 through 3 represent the budget to support Town operations. These budgets are for the recurring expenditures or revenues that the Town can anticipate each year. These include items such as salaries and benefits, materials and supplies, and fees and charges. Component 4 contains the budget details for the one-time or project specific expenditures.

Component 1 – Operating Budget

The Operating budget represents the component of the Town operations that is primarily tax supported. Although some of the services are offset by fees and charges, there is an element of taxation revenue required to support each of these departments.

Component 2 – Development and Fee Supported Budget

The Development and Fee Supported budget represents the component of the Town Operations that is supported by fees for service (no tax support). There are five service areas that are included in this budget: Building, Planning, Development Engineering, Park Development, and Fill Operations. Each of these service areas has approved fees or charges that are intended to fully recover the cost of providing the service.

Component 3 – Water and Wastewater Budget*

The Water and Wastewater budget represents the component of the Town operations that are supported by fees for service (no tax support). The Town charges water and wastewater fees to property owners based on water used. The annual fees are intended to ensure that there is full cost recovery to the Town for providing safe drinking water and maintaining the water and sewer infrastructure.

Note: This budget Water and Wastewater budget is planned to be deliberated in January and will be posted prior to deliberations.

Component 4 – Capital Program Budget

The capital budget primarily represents projects or initiatives that are one-time or time specific in nature. The capital budget may include projects such as the construction of a new fire station or retaining a consultant to prepare a study. The capital budget also includes the Town’s annual repair and replacement program for maintaining the Town’s assets. Although the annual repair and replacement program is required each year, the individual projects and related amounts of funding will vary annually depending on the program requirements in that year. The annual repair and replacement program may include road resurfacing, sidewalk maintenance, or computer replacement.


Contains a glossary outlining operating expenditure and revenue categories used for budgeting purposes. It also details new staff requests included in the budget. As well, the Appendix outlines proposed new initiatives that have not been included in the budget.

Budget Deliberations & Upcoming Meetings 

All budget deliberations and meetings occur in Council Chambers at the Civic Centre, located at 19000 Leslie St. All members of the public are welcome to attend and provide input at meetings.

To watch budget deliberations live, visit to external site

 Status   Meeting  Reports and Presentations 
October 16, 2019 at 7 p.m.
Preliminary overview of proposed 2020 budget
Complete November 25, 2019 at 9 a.m.
2020 Business Plan and Budget Deliberation 
Complete  November 27, 2019 at 9 a.m.
2020 Business Plan and Budget Deliberation 
Complete  December 2, 2019 at 9 a.m. 
2020 Business Plan and Budget Deliberation 

Have your say! 

Share your feedback on how you would like your tax dollars invested into services and programs. Please take a few moments to complete the 2020 Business Plan and Budget survey.

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