Town Response to COVID-19

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Nov 28 and 30 Highlights

Staff provided Council with an overview of the community outreach and public feedback of the budget to date.

One of the methods of outreach was a public survey to gather feedback about the proposed budget using the approved Council objectives. The survey results are available in the presentation from November 28. If you would like to have your say please complete the online survey.

The preliminary budget proposes an increase of $41 to the average home to maintain existing programs and services.

Further, the budget proposes a continuation of the focus on community safety through the addition of 2 full time firefighters, with a proposal of $29 to the average home.

East Gwillimbury has the lowest relative taxes in York Region even with the total proposed increase of $70. The presentations included a thorough review of the operating and capital budgets of the town departments. The full budget documents are available as part of the Budget Binder.