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2016 Business Plan and Budget

On December 15, Town Council approved the 2016
operating anbudget bubbled capital budget. Council and staff worked to achieve three main themes in the budget:

1. Enhanced public safety
The budget continues the second year of the Town’s four-year plan to enhance 24/7 emergency service coverage by adding two new full-time firefighters to the town’s full-time complement. Council approved a dedicated funding of 1.75 per cent which amounts to approximately $25 for the average East Gwillimbury

2. Maintain core programs and services
The budget also maintains core programs and services for residents including roads, winter maintenance, bridges, sidewalks,parks, libraries and garbage collection. Council approved a tax levy increase of 1.95 per cent, which is below the provincial rate of inflation, and amounts to approximately $30 for the average East Gwillimbury homeowner.

3. Investment in public infrastructure
Lastly, the budget includes significant infrastructure investments to prepare for the demands of a growing population and aging infrastructure. As new homes are occupied and tax assessments increase it is important that a portion of taxes be set aside to operate new community facilities while also providing for the long term repair and replacement of town infrastructure.

Combined tax rate increase
When combined the above mentioned rates amount to a total tax rate increase of 3.7 per cent, or approximately $55 for the average homeowner. When combined with the proposed Region and school board tax increases the total projected increase for 2016 is expected to be less than 2.5 per cent.

Operating Budget

Development & Fee Related Budget

Water and Wastewater Budget

Capital Budget