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Appeals Committee


The Appeals Committee is a quasi-judicial body that shall meet and deliberate as required by the legislation pursuant to which the by-laws have been enacted, and when necessary in order to hear appeals pursuant to these by-laws.

The Appeals Committee will also serve as fence-viewers under the authority of the Line Fences Act, 1990, as amended.

Composition Minimum 3, Maximum 5 

The Appeals Committee is established for the purpose of hearing appeals pursuant to the following by-laws:

Property Standards By-law #2006-023 - established under the authority of the Building Code Act, So. 1992. c. 23, as amended and the Town of East Gwillimbury By-Law Prescribing Standards for the Maintenance and Occupancy of Property.

Muzzling and Leashing of Vicious Dogs By-law #2011-115

Licensing, Regulation and Governing of Taxicab Owners, Brokers and Drivers By-law#2005-027

Fence-viewers– established under the authority of the Lines Fences Act, 1990, as amended, for the purpose of arbitrating disputes between adjoining neighbours for sharing the costs of the construction, reconstruction or repair of a common fence.

The Committee will be responsible for the following:

  • To hear and determine all applications made, proceedings instituted and matters brought before it and for such purpose to make such orders, give such directions, issue such approvals, deny or vary applications and otherwise do and perform all such acts, matters, deeds and things as may be necessary or incidental to the exercise of the powers conferred upon the Appeal Committee.
  • To perform such other functions and duties as are now or hereafter conferred upon or assigned to the Appeal Committee by municipal By-law or under statutory authority.

Terms of Reference To view the Committee's Terms of Reference, please click here.
Meeting Frequencies TBD
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Staff Liaison Jennifer Nichols
Committee Members

Ronald Bolognini
Aida Kostuck
Brian McDonald
Jane Stevenson
Sean Robichaud