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Active Transportation & Trails Advisory Committee


The Committee provides guidance, advice and general resource related to trail development and use in the Town of East Gwillimbury, guided by the direction outlined in the Active Transportation and Trails Master Plan (ATTMP), to Council and the Community Parks, Recreation and Culture Department (CPRC).


The ideal composition of the Committee shall be five members comprised of:

Voting Members:

  • Chair, Community Parks, Recreation and Culture.
  • Member(s) from the Regional Municipality of York
  • Member(s) from the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority.
  • Member(s) of community trail groups and/or associations.
  • Member(s) of the general public with an interest in parks and recreation and trail development.

Work with the East Gwillimbury Community, Parks, Recreation and Culture staff to provide guidance and advice on updates to the ATTMP;

Identify, in conjunction with, Community Parks, Recreation and Culture staff, annual trail development and/or redevelopment priorities in public parks, green spaces and utility corridors in accordance with the ATTMP;

Provide input and support to CPRC and CIES staff in the development of a long-term capital work plan in accordance with the ATTMP that includes property acquisition, new trail construction, existing trail improvements and roadway development and in the
prioritization of annual capital budget projects; and

Review and comment on Draft Plan and Secondary Plans of Development including applicable site plans for the purposes of providing advice to Council and staff with the planning and implementation of the ATTMP.

Terms of Reference

To view the Committee's Terms of Reference, please click here.

Meeting Frequencies Meetings are held last Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m, Holland Landing Room.
Agendas and Minutes

To view the Committee's Agendas and Minutes, please click here.

Councillor Liaison Councillor Foster
Staff Liaison

Frank Mazzotta 
Simon Latam

Committee Members

Rina Bick
Teija Cumming
Yvonne Kaczor
Brian Kemp

Louis Pagnotta
Sean Robichaud
Jeremy Smith
Jason Stobbe
Irene Tamblyn