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January Optimism We will maintain a positive attitude, look on the brighter side of situations and seek opportunity in the face of adversity. 
February Initiative We will recognize what needs to be done and do it, without prompting from others.
March Perseverance We will not give up when things get tough.  We will stick to our goals and work hard to achieve them, despite obstacles and challenges.
April Respect
We will treat others with consideration, high regard, and dignity.
May Responsibility We will be accountable for our actions, be reliable and keep our commitments.
June Honesty
We will be sincere, trustworthy and truthful.
July Integrity We will do what is right and ensure there is no difference between what we say and what we do.
August Compassion We will do whatever is necessary to heal the hurt of others.  We will strive to understand and be sensitive to their feelings.
We will stand up for our beliefs and principles and face challenges, fear and difficulty with fortitude.
Inclusiveness We will work to build a community where everyone feels included, empowered and valued for his or her unique contributions.
November Fairness We will treat others in a just, equitable and unbiased manner.
December Trust We will place reliance on the integrity, ability and character of each other.
By emphasizing the importance of good character, we will build a winning team.