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Earth Hour

Earth Hour 2019

Our Commitment

During Earth Hour 2019, East Gwillimbury staff are committing to shut-down or scale back on all non-essential building systems and lighting. Staff will ensure that recreational activities and rental permits are not affected. Conservation efforts include:
  • Scaling back arena ice plant operations
  • Shutting down/scaling back all HVAC units in areas that are not occupied
  • Turning off lights within facilities and rooms that are not in use

How you can participate 

Residents and businesses are encouraged to turn off their lights and unplug non-essential appliances during Earth Hour. Residents can show further support by conserving energy every day at home and/or at work.

How will you spend Earth Hour? Share your story with us:

Visit www.earthhour.orglinks to external site for more information about the 2019 campaign.

The Town of East Gwillimbury fosters a Think Green Act Green environment. By incorporating conservation practices and green technology into Town infrastructure and practices the Town is able to conserve energy and precious municipal resources that ultimately create a lasting impact and a cleaner environment.