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Upper York Sewage Solution and Sharon Trunk Sanitary Sewer

Upper York Sewage Solution (UYSS)

This is a project of The Regional Municipality of York. The key components are a proposed Water Reclamation Centre with associated infrastructure including an outfall to the East Holland River as well as proposed YDSS Modifications.

Once approved, York Region will be the first municipality in Canada to adopt leading-edge, advanced wastewater treatment technology that will produce water cleaner than existing water from local lakes and rivers.

To accomplish this, the proposed Upper York Sewage Solutions Project includes:

  • A new Water Reclamation Centre (Centre) to produce clean, treated water that will flow into the East Holland River; and reclaimed water for proposed water re-use applications such as sod and tree farms. Using reclaimed water for applications like these would reduce demand on surface and groundwater resources.
  • Modifications to the existing York Durham Sewage System (YDSS) with twinning of the wastewater forcemain through the Town of Newmarket. This will provide system reliability, reducing the risk of sewage spills.
    A project specific total phosphorus offsetting program, which will remove phosphorus from other sources within the Lake Simcoe watershed.  This will support initiatives to decrease phosphorus levels in the watershed and promote a healthier ecosystem.  
  • The total phosphorus offsetting program was developed to ensure there will be a net reduction in total phosphorus to the East Holland River related to the operation of the new system.  In order to achieve this, York Region will remove three kilograms of phosphorus for every one kilogram of additional phosphorus that the centre discharges to the watershed. We will do this by retrofitting existing stormwater management ponds and using low-impact development technologies to reduce the level of phosphorus entering the Lake Simcoe watershed.

 Visit york.ca.links to external site for additional project details including a list of frequently asked questions. 

For more information about this project, please contact:

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