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Water Meter Upgrade Program

About the Program

The program involves replacing your existing water meter that is connected by wire to a remote fastened on the exterior of your home. The old meter will be removed and replaced with a new upgraded version that can transmit
your water meter reading wirelessly to a remote reading device. The transmitting meter will allow the Town to read your water meter from the street eliminating the requirement for a meter reader to walk on or around your property.

Resident Notices

Letters from the Town have been sent to affected home owners. To see a copy of the letter click here. Please note, this program is mandatory and final appointments must be booked ASAP.

Upgrade Benefits

The Town of East Gwillimbury established a new Town-wide standard for residential water meters. Benefits of
the new water meters include:

  1. Water meters can identify properties with constant low flow conditions.
  2. Low flow issues such as a leaking toilet flapper valves can cause costly water bills.
  3. Water meters can be read remotely allowing for operational  efficiencies, eliminating meter estimates, and ensuring accurate meter reads.

Upgrade Preparationold vs new metre photo

Minimal preparation is required to replace your water meter. Prior to the upgrade, the homeowner should ensure the water meter is accessible to the installer. An area of at least 12 inches in all directions from the meter should be cleared. A temporary water shut off not lasting more than 15 minutes should be anticipated. Please note that an adult of at least 18 years of age must be present in the home during the upgrade. The upgrade should take no more than 30 minutes and a work order signature will be required upon completion of work.

Update Details

The Town has contracted Evans Supply Limited and Parker Services to complete the installation. Parker Services has been conducting water meter inspections, installations, replacements and upgrades within Ontario for the past twelve  years.

Booking Your Appointment

For convenience, appointments can be scheduled weekdays as available and Saturday between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m.. Meter installation takes no longer than 30 minutes. To book your appointment please contact Joanne Palazzo at Evans Supply Limited at 1-833-853-8267.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my water meter need to be upgraded?

The Town is working to improve the accuracy and efficiency of collecting water meter readings.

Do I have to agree to the water meter upgrade?

Town BY-LAW NO. 2015-104 indicates that it is mandatory for all property owners to participate in the Town’s new meter installation, upgrade, replacement or inspection programs.

Do I have to pay for the new water meter?

There is no charge for the new meter or the upgrade. These costs are covered by the Town. The service contractor cannot request any fees or conduct work other than the meter upgrade.

How do I recognize the technician?

Scott Parker will be completing all the installations and will have the appropriate identification.

Who can I contact for more information from the Town?

If you have any questions regarding the programs please contact Matt Hemmingway,Environmental Operations Technologist

  • Email
  • 905-478-4283 ext. 3477