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Road Safety

Road Watch

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Road Watch Program

What is the Road Watch Program?

The Road Watch Program began in Caledon in 1995. In May 2002, the program was launched in East Gwillimbury by the East Gwillimbury Community Safety Committee. The purpose of the program is to provide citizens a means of reporting dangerous or unlawful driving behaviour. Some examples would be speeding, unsafe lane changes and disobeying traffic signs and signals. More detailed information can be found on the Road Watch Canada website at www.roadwatch.ca.

How does the Road Watch Program Work?

Road watch notification signs have been installed on main roads in East Gwillimbury at the entrances to individual communities indicating that the York Regional Police Services reporting website can be found at yrp.ca.

The main page for Road Watch reporting contains information about the form, examples of when it would be appropriate to submit a Road Watch form and the requirements for the submission of on-line reports.

On-line Report Submission

  • Go to the York Regional Police Services website at yrp.ca.links to external site

Speed Watch

The Speed Watch program enables residents to request solar powered, mobile radar signs on regional roads. For more information or to fill out a request form visit York Region's website.

For more information on road safety visit yrp.ca