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Boulevard Bylaw


The Town has a by-law that regulates the construction, maintenance and protection of boulevards within the Town. The by-law outlines acceptable planting/landscaping and locations that can be used on municipal boulevards. The new by-law does not regulate the re-paving/repair of driveways, however, if you wish to widen your driveway you must contact the Town.

The Boulevard By-Law allows the following:

  • Planting of herbaceous plant materials that do not exceed a height of 45 centimetres or impair drainage
  • Place objects or install landscaping features less than 20 cm in height from .6 meters from the sidewalk to 1.8 meters from the roadway/curb
  • Replacement of a driveway surface with concrete, asphalt or unit pavers provided the driveway is not being widened.

The Boulevard By-law restricts the following:

  • Planting materials other than herbaceous plants such as grains and vegetables on the boulevard
  • Placement of objects within 0.6 meters of the sidewalk
  • Placement of objects that restrict sight lines of pedestrians, cyclists or drivers of vehicles to intersections, driveways, sidewalks, travel lanes, or traffic control devices
  •  Anything that inhibits or obstructs snow removal operations. 
  • Anything that may cause damage/injury to a person or thing;
  • Inhibits or obstructs snow removal.

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