Rates and Fees

 2018 Rates

proposed option 2018

Usage/Variable Charges:

The usage charge is based on the consumption of water per billing period. To lower this rate you can implement water conservation techniques.  York Region's Guide to Water Efficiency lists a variety of ideas that residents can implement to lower their usage charge and conserve water.

Delivery/Fixed Charge:

The delivery charges is the fixed cost to ensure that every time a resident in East Gwillimbury turns on the tap, there is clean, safe drinking water available and that water it is taken away in the wastewater system. The funds pay for:

  • Repair and replacement of infrastructure (pipes, pumping stations etc)
  • Staff time (to conduct inspections, maintain infrastructure etc)
  • Treatment of water in the wastewater system

What You Pay For

The below video provides a behind the scenes look at what your water bill pays for in York Region.


Additional Information