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Water and Sewers

Billing Information

The water and sewer bills for each area are billed every three months as follows:

Holland Landing: January, April, July & October
Sharon & Mount Albert: February, May, August & November
River Drive Park (including Harvest Hills) & Queensville: March, June, September & December 

Please refer to the Map to see which area you live in.                

To make any changes to your water account please complete the applicable form below:

  1. Opening a tenant account (to be completed by the registered property owner)
    Opening a tenant account form
  2. Closing a tenant account (to be completed by the registered property owner)
    Closing a tenant account form
  3. Selling/renting a property in East Gwillimbury 
    Closing a water account form
  4. Purchasing a property in East Gwillimbury 
    Opening a water account form
  5. Change Mailing Address 
    Change of mailing address form
  6. Pay bill by pre-authorized payment plan 
    Pre-authorized payment form


Seniors, Low-Income Seniors & Low-Income Disabled Persons Water Deferral Program

The Town of East Gwillimbury offers a Seniors, Low-income Seniors, Low-income Disabled Homeowners deferral program. This program allows for qualifying homeowners to defer 50% of the quarterly fixed/delivery charges to the tax account. This amount acts as a lien against the property until the time in which the home is sold or a change in title occurs. All deferral monies must be repaid to the Town of East Gwillimbury at that time.


Seniors Water Deferral Application