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Tax Rebate and Incentive Programs

Changes to your Property

If there have been any major changes to your property such as a structure demolition or a fire, you may be entitled to a reduction in your taxes. 

357/358 Application Form 

Farm Property Class Tax Rebate Program 

Working farms may be eligible for a municipal property tax reduction under this program, please contact the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food & Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) at 1-888-466-2372. 

Conservation Land Tax Incentive Program

Swamp or wetland properties may be eligible for a property tax reduction under this program, please contact the Ministry of Natural Resources at 1-800-268-8959. 

Managed Forest Incentive Program

Forested properties may be eligible for a property tax reduction, please contact the Ministry of Natural Resources at 1-855-866-3847. 

Vacancy Rebate Program (All 2017 applications must be received by February 28, 2018)

NOTE: In 2016, the Province of Ontario, in consultation with municipal and business stakeholders undertook a review of the vacant unit property tax rebate program. As a result of the review municipalities were provided with broad flexibility related to this program. 

Following community engagements and on-line surveys in 2017, all the local municipalities in York Region, as well as the Region of York have passed resolutions to eliminate the program starting with the 2018 tax year.  

It is anticipated the formal regulation will be enacted during 2018, however we are taking this opportunity to provide you with early notice that we will not be providing any tax relief under this program for the 2018 tax year and beyond.

The Town maintains a Vacancy Rebate Program to handle taxation of vacant business properties. The onus is on the property owner to initiate the application for vacancy rebate and to provide the Town with proof supporting the period of vacancy. 

Application for Rebate of Property Taxes

Registered Charity Rebate Program

Registered charities in commercial or industrial properties may be eligible for a property tax rebate.   

Registered Charity Application for Property Tax Rebate
Landlord/Property Owner Declaration 

Please submit and return to the Municipal office by February 28. 

Seniors, Low-Income Seniors & Low-Income Disabled Persons Tax Deferral Program

The Town of East Gwillimbury offers a Seniors, Low-income Seniors, and Low-income Disabled Homeowners deferral program. This program allows for qualifying homeowners to defer the increase of their taxes from one year to the next, interest free until the time in which the home is sold or change of title occurs. All deferral monies must be repaid to the Town of East Gwillimbury at that time.

Seniors Tax Deferral Application 

The Town also has a similar deferral option for water/wastewater. Please contact us for more information at (905) 478-4282.