Property Tax

2018 Final Residential Tax Bills

The 2018 final residential property tax bills were mailed by June 26, 2018.  In the event that you have not received your bill please contact the office directly at (905) 478-4282, and we will re-issue the bill.  Failure to receive a tax bill does not exempt the bill from being due or exempt the taxpayer from incurring late payment charges. The due dates for the 2018 final residential bills are:  

1st installment due: Friday, August 31, 2018
2nd installment due: Wednesday, October 31, 2018

You can expect to receive your 2019 interim residential tax bill in late January 2019.

View the 2018 tax brochure.


We encourage the payment of your tax bill through the pre-authorized tax payment plan (PAP) or telephone/internet banking. Enrollment in the PAP plan can occur at any time in the year, when the account is up to date.  For calculation purposes, the Town would take the balance of your account including future installments and divide it by the remaining deductions for the year.  Payment can also be made at any Chartered Bank or in person by cash, cheque or direct debit at the Civic Centre.

There are three pre-authorized payment plans available:

Option #1 – 10 Month Installment Plan (Feb-Nov)
Withdrawal date is the 15th of each month (account must be up to date to enroll).

Option #2 – Due Date Installment Plan
All unpaid taxes will be charged an interest charge of 1.25% per month.

Option #3 - Arrears Plan
Assists those who have arrears in catching up with their taxes.

Please contact the Town at 905-478-4282 if you did not receive a tax bill or wish further information about the pre-authorized tax payment plan.

How Your Interim Tax Bill is Determined

Your interim tax bill is 50% of the previous years annualized levy. This bill is due in two installments; the last business day in February and the last business day in April.

How Your Final Tax Bill is Determined

Your 2018 Final Tax Billing is calculated based on the phased in assessed current value of your property using January 1, 2016 market values multiplied by the current year's tax rate. For commercial and industrial properties an additional capping/clawback rate may be applied based on regional and budget requirements. 

Inquiries regarding the current value assessment (CVA) of your property should be directed to the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) at 1-866-296-6722 or visit

Important Information for Owners of New Construction/Renovated Properties

Welcome Home: A guide to property taxes for newly built homes

Supplementary tax bills are issued to property owners whom have either improved their property by adding to the overall value of the lot/building (pool/addition/ deck etc.) or new construction (new home/building).  Once the construction permit is issued, MPAC will increase the assessment on the subject property to reflect what the property would sell for on the open market.  This assessment value increase is then multiplied by the applicable tax rate class and a bill is issued.  The due date for this bill will be approximately 3-4 weeks later.

The supplementary/omitted assessment bill can be issued within 3 years of the occupancy date.  This bill will retro back to the occupancy date.  It is possible to receive a supplementary bill for 3 years of taxes.  Should you disagree with the amount of the assessment increase, please contact MPAC at 1-866-296-6722 or at

Penalties and Interest

There is a penalty of 1¼% per month on taxes that are unpaid after the instalment due date.  This penalty is charged on the first day of each month following the due date in compliance with the Municipal Act, 2001.

School Boards

The residential education tax rate set by the Province for 2018 is 0.170000%.
To change your school support please go to the school office of the school your child will attend and follow their direction.

Region of York

Please go to the Region of York'slinks to external site website for complete information.