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Heritage Register Review


It is a primary goal of the Town’s Official Plan to conserve and enhance East Gwillimbury’s rich cultural heritage and history. The built heritage of East Gwillimbury provides both community and economic benefits, by promoting community identity and distinction, and enhancing local tourism and attraction. Reviewing the Town’s existing Heritage Register will allow the Town to decide which properties should remain on the Heritage Register for continued protection and enjoyment.

Scope of Project

The Town has retained Archaeological Services Inc.(ASI) to help complete this project. To determine which of the over 400 properties currently on the Heritage Register have merit for continued inclusion on the Heritage Register, ASI will be reviewing background property information and completing field surveys of properties from the municipal right of way. The evaluation of these properties will be based on the criteria for designation as established by the Ontario Heritage Act under Regulation 9/06. No properties that are currently not on the Heritage Register are being added, as this project is simply a screening of the properties that currently exist on the Heritage Register.

These items are available in other formats (please contact to request): 

Current Heritage Register

Ontario Heritage Act Regulation 9/06 (criteria for determining cultural heritage value)

Heritage Register Review Final Report (October 2020)

Community Engagement and Timeline

We encourage you to attend future Open Houses and Public Meetings scheduled over the course of the project. Additional information and materials from the Open House on October 8, 2019 are also available below. When complete, the final, updated Heritage Register was presented to the Heritage Advisory Committee and then Council for approval, on November 17, 2020. 

These items are available in other formats (please contact to request): 

Heritage Register Review - October 8, 2019 Open House

July 2020 Update

The Heritage Register has been reviewed to determine which of the over 460 properties currently on the Register have merit for continued inclusion. The Town conducted a Virtual Open House, gathering community feedback on the updated version of its Heritage Register. The commenting period closed July 10, 2020.  Please find the Open House material, still available for viewing below, including project information and a summary of property recommendations. 

  1. HAC Information Presentation
  2. Summary of Property Recommendations for new Heritage Register
  3. Frequently Asked Questions Information Sheet


  1. Existing Heritage Register Town Wide Map
  2. Existing Heritage Register by Community Map
  3. Summary Map of Property Recommendations for new Heritage Register 

How Can I Provide Feedback?

Town staff are looking for your input! You can submit your comments online or you can contact:

Adam Robb, Senior Planner
Town of East Gwillimbury
19000 Leslie Street, Sharon ON, L0G 1V0
Phone: 905-478-4283 ext.3872
arobb@eastgwillimbury.calinks to external site 

To provide feedback on the Heritage Register Review, please provide your email address and comments below:

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Thank you for your feedback.