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Current Planning Applications

The Town of East Gwillimbury Planning Branch processes and reviews Official Plan, Zoning By-law, Site Plan, Subdivision and Condominium applications. A list of applications that have been deemed complete since April 2016, in accordance with the Planning Act, and that are currently being processed by Planning is available below. The applications listed below are sorted by the date they were deemed complete. 

The applications listed on this page have not been approved. Once an application is approved, it will be removed from this page. When a Draft Plan of Subdivision is approved, it will be moved to the appropriate Community Information page, until such time as it is fully built out.

For the most up to date information and for further information on applications received prior to April 2016, please contact the Planning Branch by phone at 904-478-4282 or by email at PlanningStudent@eastgwillimbury.ca.

Terms or acronyms used in the table below may be unfamiliar to some readers. Their meanings are listed at the end of this page​. For any questions or clarification, contact the Planning Branch.

For information on current Committee of Adjustment applications, please see the Committee of Adjustment​ page or contact the Clerk’s office.

 File Number(s)  Type of Application
& Brief Description
Community   Location Status Planner
on File 
 ZBA.11.00 Comprehensive Zoning By-law Review Town-wide 

In progress

Public Open House - October 18

Public Meeting - December 1

Robin Prentice
 OPA.11.00  Green Lane Secondary Plan to permit urban development, including a mix of residential, commercial and institutional uses Green Lane Corridor

In Progress

Public Open House - January 18

Robin Prentice 
 OPA.16.01  Secondary Plan to permit urban development, including a mix of residential, commercial and institutional uses.  Green Lane Corridor Northwest quadrant of Yonge Street & Green Lane
 Application deferred pending OPA.11.00 Robin Prentice
 ZBA.16.09 Conversion an existing single detached dwelling into business and professional offices Sharon 18967 Leslie Street

Application in progress

Public Meeting - September 20

James Daniel
53 freehold townhouses with a common element road Sharon Block 112 of 19T-08005

Application in progress

Public Meeting - October 18

Trish Elliott
 SPA.16.07 Site Plan for an industrial Storage Building Bales Drive Employment Area 2696 Davis Dr
Application in progress Robin Prentice
 OPA.16.02 Town-initiated amendment to implement the policies of the South Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe Source Protection Plan Town wide

Application in progress

Public Meeting - October 18

James Daniel
 ZBA.16.12 Refine zoning boundaries to correspond with proposed red-line revisions to Draft Approved Subdivision 19T-03001 and revise minimum yard requirements for lots on primary streets  Queensville Pt of Lots 16-19,
Conc 2

Application in progress

Public Meeting - Dec. 20

 Trish Elliott
Site Plan for additional commercial buildings in existing commercial plaza  Sharon 19101 Leslie St., 3 & 5 Sharon Blvd
Application in progress  Trish Elliott
 SPA.16.01  Site Plan for commercial buildings with a mix of retail and office uses Mount Albert 2 Don Rose Blvd

Application in progress

Public Meeting - January 17

Robin Prentice
Refine zone boundaries and change a portion of the draft approved subdivision from a block with 41 single detached dwelling units to 80 townhouse dwelling units  Sharon   Part of Lot 8, Conc 2 Application in progress  Trish Elliott
 SPA.16.14  Site plan for a gas station, convenience store and drive-through restaurant  Holland Landing  19431 & 19439 Yonge St In progress James Daniel
 SPA.17.01 Site Plan for a medical centre Queensville 20415 Leslie St
In progress James Daniel
68 townhouses and a 2-storey mixed-use building with commercial space and 10 residential apartments, on a private road

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Mount Albert 19267 Centre St
ZBA appealed to OMB

SPA in progress

Public Meeting -
February 22/17

Nick Pileggi 



  • DPS - Draft Plan of Subdivision
  • OPA - Official Plan Amendment
  • ZBA - Zoning By-law Amendment
  • SPA - Site Plan Application
  • OMB - Ontario Municipal Board