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Swimming Pool

A privately owned Pool is defined as any body of water located outdoors on privately-owned property contained in whole or in part by artificial means and used or capable of being used for swimming, the depth of which can exceed .6m (24 inches) and shall include Hot Tubs and Swim Spas, except where such body of water is primarily designed for an agricultural use.

An application is available below with the attached guide to help you complete the application and submit the appropriate approvals along with a site plan.

Inground Pool Fee                                                   $163.00

Above Ground Pool/On Ground Fee                          $163.00

Hot tub/Whirlpool/Swim Spa                                   $163.00

Enclosure Variance Fee                                            $326.00

Deposit Fee                                                             $1,500.00

Septic Inspection Fee                                               $200.00 (should the property be on a septic system)

Road Occupancy Permit                                            $59.00

Pool Enclosure Permit Application Package