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Posted April 3, 2020

In a continued effort to protect the community and stop the spread of COVID-19, all Town facilities, including the Civic Centre, community centres, libraries and recreational spaces will remain closed until further notice. All spring programs, facility permits, and Town events are cancelled until June 30, 2020For a full list of updates and frequently asked questions please visit our dedicated COVID-19 page

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Hazardous Waste



Pesticides, Chemicals

Rat Poison, Bleach


Cleaning Fluids




Drain Cleaners

Oven Cleaners




Propane Cylinders



Paints, Solvent

Oil, Gasoline

BBQ Starter

Hazardous waste must be taken to a Hazardous Waste Depot

Household Hazardous Waste Information

Look under your kitchen and bathroom sinks, in the medicine cabinets, tool shed, garage and basement.  You'll probably find all kinds of cleaners, waxes, detergents, cosmetics, expired prescriptions, solvents, paints, bug killers, oils and grease, etc.

Make sure all materials are in original containers or contents are very well marked on containers.  Do not mix different products together.  Be sure that all containers are capped.  Please remember that your containers must be deposited with waste materials and are not returnable.

Bring your household hazardous waste to York Region's depots at no charge.


  • "Energy-Saving Compact Fluorescent light bulbs" contain mercury and must be taken to a hazardous waste depot
  • For York Residents only - Proof of residence is required
  • No commercial, industrial or medical office wastes are accepted.
  • No explosives (other than above types), ammunition, PCBs or radioactive wastes are accepted.
  • Needles or syringes from household medicinal use will be accepted, in rigid containers only.
  • No other pathological wastes will be accepted.
  • Motor vehicle batteries and oil filters will also be accepted

For more information call York Region at 1-866-665-6752 or visit the York Region web site at