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Green Bin Tips

Continue to backyard compost! Green Bin collection simply expands your composting options by including items that can't be placed in your backyard composters such as diapers, meat and pet waste.

Line your bins with Certified Compostable plastic bags. Either your small indoor collection container or Green Bin should be lined with a Certified Compostable or Kraft paper bag. Bags must be securely knotted to protect the safety of the collection worker. Plastic grocery bags are not accepted in the Source Separated Organics waste stream as of May 2011.

Please do not set your small indoor container at the curb for collection. The smaller containers are perfect for collecting organic waste within your home. The larger Green Bin is ideal for curbside collection.

If raccoons are getting into your Green Bin, use a 12 inch bungee cord to secure your Green Bin closed. Remember to remove the bungee cord before placing your Green Bin out for collection.

Please don't place yard waste in your Green Bin. Yard waste and Green Bins are collected separately because different technology is used to compost these materials.

Use your Green Bin to reduce the amount of waste that you produce during the holidays. Remember, turkey trimmings, stuffing and bones can all be disposed of in your Green Bin.