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Changes to Waste Collection

The Town of East Gwillimbury has recently signed a new contract with waste collection contractor GFL.

What does that mean for you?

The new contract is set to begin January 1, 2018. Since we have renewed our contract with our current provider there will be a seamless transition for residents.

What new services will there be?

As part of the new contract the Town has negotiated enhanced Customer Service for residents including an enhanced website which includes tracking of trucks and a dedicated Customer Service line directly through GFL.

Residents can call 1-866-421-5625 for more information about missed collections and broken bins. Details on the new GFL website will be made available in the waste calendar and on the Town website prior to the change in contract.

Will my collection day change?

In order to stream line pick up and ensure routes are as efficient as possible, Council has approved a change to collection areas which may impact what day your collection occurs.  This change is effective January 1, 2018.

New Collection Schedule

New Collection Waste Map

Previous Waste Collection Days

current collection map

Upcoming Public Open House

The Town is hosting a public meeting on Wednesday, November 22 from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Civic Centre (19000 Leslie Street). The Public Open House will be a drop-in format and staff will be looking for feedback on which enhanced features residents would like the Town to consider as part of the new contract. If you are unable to attend you can complete the online survey. 


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Part of the changeover in the process is the opportunity for residents to request enhanced services. Some of the enhanced services being considered include:

Proposed Bag Tag Program

Currently, the Town of East Gwillimbury limits residential garbage pick up to two bags, every second week. If you have additional garbage you are required to take your waste to a York Region drop-off facility that charges a minimum of $10 for every drop off, or hire private collection services (such as 1-800-got-junk).

The new program proposes keeping the two bag, every second week limit but would allow residents to purchase bag tags from the Town.

This would eliminate the travel time for additional drop offs, and help eliminate illegal dumping in the community.

Proposed Removal of Exemption List 

In conjunction with the new bag tag program, the Town is also proposing to eliminate the waste collection exemption list which has allowed certain properties to have a higher limit of bags every two weeks. This list is less than 800 properties but amounts to over 100,000 bags per year. By standardizing this process the Town would save approximately $40,000 to $200,000 each year in disposal costs while providing the same level of service to all residential properties.

Proposed Textile Collection Program

The Town has received several resident requests to partake in textile collection programs over the last several years. Potential options could include textile collection bins or curbside giveaway day.