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Lottery Event at a Bazaar

Spin Wheel Image     A bazaar is an event where goods are sold and gaming events take place.
    The Town may licenses lottery events at a bazaar where any combination of the     following are held:
    • Raffle with prizes up to $500
    • Bingo with prizes up to $500
    • Wheels of fortune with a $2 bet

For additional information regarding Lottery Licences visit Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO).


If your organization has not been licensed by the Town in the past two years you must provide the Municipal Clerk with a completed Lottery Licence Eligibility Review Application and supporting documentation. Staff will review your application and notify you of your organization's eligibility to conduct a lottery. An eligibility review usually takes 20 business days to complete.

An individual is not eligible for a lottery licence.


If your organization has been licensed by the Town in the past two years OR your organization has been deemed eligible by the Municipal Clerk through the Lottery Licensing Eligibility Review, proceed with your application as follows:

Review the Lottery Licence Terms and Conditions, and the Bazaar Licence Terms and Conditions

Review and complete the Bazaar Licence Application Instructions Form

Review and complete the Application to Manage and Conduct a Lottery Type Scheme at a Bazaar

Submit to the Municipal Clerk:
• A completed Bazaar Licence Application Instructions form
• A completed Application to Manage and Conduct a Lottery Type Scheme at a Bazaar with supporting documentation
• The required lottery licensing fee (3% of prizes for a raffle/3% of prizes for a bingo/$10 per wheel of fortune per day)
The Municipal Clerk will process complete applications and issue your licence, usually within 15 business days.


A Bazaar Lottery Licence Report and supporting documentation must be completed and filed with the Municipal Clerk within 30 days of the holding of the lottery in accordance with the terms and conditions under which the lottery licence was issued.