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Property Standards and Property Maintenance By Laws

Property Standards header 

Property Standards are important

They help set the tone for our community and what it should look like. They protect people and property from injury and damage. They can improve property value, ensure a high quality of life, and make the Town more beautiful.
The Town currently has a number of tools to enforce property standards and maintenance.
These tools include:

There are sometimes challenges in enforcing the current tools

Sometimes it takes a long time to see issues corrected on properties. There are no set fines in place that would act as deterrents to offenders. The Town has received some complaints from residents for issues that are not addressed by the current by-laws. Some of the by-laws are over 20 years old and require updates to reflect new legislative changes and modernized language. Some by-law provisions have proven difficult to enforce in Court.

The Town is proposing some changes to the current tools

Staff have undertaken a comprehensive reviews of the existing tools are proposing a number of changes to the existing by-laws. This consists of:

  • Consolidating (i.e. 4 by-laws into 2 by-laws)
  • Housekeeping
  • Modernizing
  • Clarifying ambiguous provisions
  • Integrating new provisions to address outstanding complaints

Residents, businesses and the Town will benefit from these changes

Having multiple tools with consistent language will enable Enforcement Officers to choose the best tool to achieve a speedy and effective resolution. Enforcement Officers will have better success in Court against offenders. Residents will be able to find all of these rules and understand them better.

Take Action!

  1. Review the materials from the July 17, 2018 Committee of the Whole Council meeting:
  2. Review the draft by-laws:
  3. Provide all feedback to bylaws@eastgwillimbury.calinks to external site by August 2, 2018

Staff will consider all feedback when preparing the final by-laws, to be considered at the August 14, 2018 Council meeting.