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Animal Control

Purchasing your annual Dog Tag

All dogs within the Town of East Gwillimbury are required to be licensed. Licences can be purchased in person at the Civic Centre, the Georgina Animal Shelter, or by calling Animal Control at 1-888-644-5634.

2017 Dog Licences will be available starting December 1, 2016.

Dog Tag Fees 

  • The fees for a dog tag are $31 per dog.
  • Exceptions for seniors, 65 years and over;
    • The fee for a dog(s) owned by a senior is $26 per dog.

Who is responsible for animal control?

a. The Town of East Gwillimbury will pick up dead wildlife on Town roads only.  Any dead wildlife on primary roads may be reported to York Region at (905) 895-1200 ext. 75200.
b. Any problems with dogs (barking, running loose, etc.) in all areas of the Town, falls under the jurisdiction of the By-laws Department and may be reported to the Animal Control Officer at 1-888-644-5634.

c. The Town does not pick up any animal, alive, dead, domestic or wild on private property.

Dead animals on private property - call a local animal control contractor from the yellow pages.

Rabid animals anywhere; roads, private property, etc., call the Region of York Health Department 905-895-4511.

Wild Animals - Wild animals such as coyotes may find their way into residential areas and can cause concern for residents, come into conflict with pets, and tear open garbage. Always avoid conflict by following these important tips:

  • Keep your distance when you encounter a wild animal.
  • Do not feed animals. This will make them less fearful of humans.
  • Never attempt to tame a wild animal.
  • Do not let pets chase animals. This could result in injuries to your pet.

Should you observe nuisance wild life please contact the Ministry of Natural Resources at 905-713-7400.

Pound Keepers

The Pound Keeper shall impound any horse, bull, ox, cow, sheep, goat, pig or other cattle, geese or other poultry, for unlawfully running at large or for trespassing and doing damage, delivered to him or her for that purpose by any person resident in the Pound Keeper’s division.

The Pounds Act, 1990, contains more information regarding Pound Keepers.

Please contact the Town’s appointed Pound Keepers: Ken and Aimee Tribbling at 905-862-0562 or the Town Office at 905-478-4282.

Livestock Valuation

In the event of livestock being killed or injured by coyotes, wolves, or wild dogs, contact the Town’s Livestock Valuators Ken and Aimee Tribling immediately at 905-862-0562.

Do not remove the carcass until the Valuator has attended your property to assess the loss. The Livestock Valuator will file a report with the Town.

Contact the Town for further details at 905-478-4282.