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 To ensure a supply of potable drinking water is maintained throughout the house and to ensure waste products are effectively removed from the home,  whenever plumbing or drains are installed or altered, a permit is required.

Applying for a Plumbing Permit

You will be required to complete an application form for your permit and provide:

  • A drain and/or water service pipe plan.
  • For conversions from a well water system to municipal water service a site plan showing the location of the new water service pipe. In addition, if property is serviced by a private sewage disposal system it must be shown in relation to the new water service and maintain appropriate clearance.
  • Approval from Community Programs and Infrastructure – Water/Sewer Division for a water meter is required in addition to the plumbing permit to allow the conversion.

Backflow Prevention:

The proper installation of backflow prevention devices reduces the risk of contamination to the public water system from irrigation systems, pools and industrial or commercial uses. A "cross-connection" in a plumbing system is defined as "any actual or potential connection between a potable water system and any source of pollution or contamination". These cross-connections may constitute a serious public health hazard and exist in many buildings today. There are many documented cases where cross-connections are responsible for contamination of drinking water systems resulting in sickness and significant financial loss.


Approximately three million Ontarians depend on wells for their supply of clean, safe drinking water. Everyone who owns, constructs or uses a well can do their part to help protect groundwater quality and the health of the people who drink it every day.

Well owners are legally responsible for wells on their property, and should be familiar with the laws that affect them. Ontario’s Wells Regulation (Reg. 903) sets rules for who can construct or work on a well and construction standards for all new wells.

For further information about Ontario’s groundwater resources, please consult the “Groundwater” section of the MOE web site Copies of any materials pertaining to wells or groundwater can be obtained by calling the MOE Public information Centre at 1-800-565-4923.


It is recommended that homeowners with private wells have their wells tested for bacteria at least 3 times a year. Well water testing is done through the Region of York. For more information contact the Region of York at 1-877-464-YORK (9675) or visit their website at

Private well water testing bottles are available for pick-up at the Town's Customer Service Department, located at 19000 Leslie Street. Drop off-locations and instructions are listed on the testing bottles. 

If you would like to order a copy of the official well record for your water well, please contact the Ministry's Water Wells Search Line at 1-888-396-WELL (9355).