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Building Permit Application Process: New Builders

Certified Model Homes and Building Permit Application Submission Information

*** If you have any questions regarding certified model home submission packages or building permit applications please contact ***

Certified Model Home Submission: All Builders are encouraged to submit their completed Certified Model Home packages prior to building permit application. The following are a list of items required from all builders when submitting Certified Model Homes for plans review:

Required Drawings: One (1) Copy required
Architectural Drawings (Architectural Control Stamped): Floor Plan Layouts, Cross-sections, Elevations and Details 
HVAC (Calculations/Drawings): Heat/Loss Calculations and Duct Plans
Roof Trusses – P. ENG Stamp
Floor Joist
Block Plans (For Townhomes)

Required Forms: One (1) Copy required per Certified Model Home
Schedule 1: Designer Information (Arch. Drawings and HVAC Design)
Energy Efficiency Design Summary: Prescriptive/Performance & Other Acceptable Compliance Methods
Form 1: Technical Specification Checklist for Drawing Verification and Builder Accountability Form (All Buildings) - Sustainable Development Incentive Program (SDIP) must be completed for each Certified Model Home
Certified Model Homes Submission - Please complete the form and provide a list of all model homes included with each submission.

NOTE: If you have any questions regarding the SDIP Form 1, please contact

1st Stage Building Permit Application Package

Applications are deemed to be incomplete if any of the following items are missing from the package. Before applying for a building permit, ensure site plans have been reviewed and approved by the Community Infrastructure and Environment Services (CIES) Department. Site plans with no lot grading approval stamp may result in delay of building permit application processing. 

Required Drawings: One (1) copy required

Site Plan: Must have Lot Grading approval (Town of EG – CIES Department)

NOTE: Please obtain lot grading approval before applying for building permit application. Contact in the CIES (Community Infrastructure & Engineering Services) Department for Lot Grading information.

Required Forms: 

•  Application to Construct or Demolish Form - The applicant is required to complete each application. Please ensure all required information is completed. Applications missing any of the following information may not be processed.
•  Municipal Address  
•  Estimated construction value ($) 
•  Make reference to type of home/model (Name/Number/Elevation Option) (e.g. NEW SFD, SEMI or Townhome in description)
•  TARION registration number
•  Date and sign (on the day of submission) each application form 
  Schedule 1: Designer Information – Must include a completed form per application/lot.
  Building Permit ApplicationsPlease complete the form and provide a list of all applications included with each submission.

NOTE: To confirm any municipal addressing contact 

Building Permit Application Deposit Fee
A deposit of $1,000.00 is required for each lot/unit and must be paid at the time of application submission. Click here, for updated fees schedule.

NOTE: all deposit fee payments must be received before building permit applications will be processed.

Permit Application Balance Fees: The outstanding balance of fees for each permit application will be provided once the permit has been issued. The following are a list of fees that are typically charged per application. Other charges may apply to some applications. In addition, please be advised that some applications have a base minimum fee.

New Single/Semi, Townhouse & Duplex = $1.45/sq.ft. (min. fee $1,000.00)
Attached Garage or Addition = $1.45/sq.ft. (min. fee $194.00)
Unenclosed Deck or Porch = $0.70/sq.ft. (min. fee $179.00)
HVAC Review = $320.00 (Flat)
Per Fixture = $22.50/fixture
Water Service = $42.00 (Flat)
Residential Drains = $106.00 (Flat)
Residential Finished basement = $0.60/sq.ft. (min. fee $194.00)
Secondary Units (basement apartments) = $1.45/ sq.ft. (min. fee $194.00)

2nd Stage Surveys Submission: 

 All builders are required to submit as-built surveys to the Town’s Building Standards Branch as part of the permitting process. Once surveys are reviewed and approved by the Zoning Examiners, second stage permits may be issued. All builders must submit one hard copy (11x17) of the as-built survey per lot in the following format.  

Singles = one (1) lot per page
Semis = one (1) lot (Include L/R) per page
Townhomes = one (1) lot per page

This ensures that neighboring property information is not revealed should a resident request a copy of this information and that fire break lots are not approved prior to their release by Emergency Services.
In addition, all builders must complete and include the required Second Stage Permit Form when submitting second stage surveys for review.

Scheduling Inspections: 

All builders are responsible for submitting their building inspections request at least 24 hours in advance of the date requested. Please complete the Buildings Inspections Request Form and email it to before 9:00 a.m. on the date of request. Any inspection request forms received after 9:00 a.m. will not be scheduled until the following business day.

NOTE: Please contact the inspector directly for any last minute changes or cancellations to an inspection after 9:00 a.m.

List of Required Forms:

Building Permit Application 
Schedule 1 Designer Information 
Energy Efficiency Design Summary: Prescriptive or Performance & Other Acceptable Compliance Methods
Form 1 – Technical Specification Checklist for Drawing Verification and Builder Accountability Form

Town of East Gwillimbury – Building Standards Branch Permit Submission Forms:

Certified Model Homes Submission
Building Permits Applications Submission
Second Stage Permit Submission
Building Inspections Request

*** If you have any questions regarding certified model home submission packages or building permit applications please contact ***