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Broadband Strategy

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We are trying to speed things up.

Canada's telecom regulator (CRTC) recently declared that high-speed internet is now a basic service, just like a current landline.

The issue in East Gwillimbury is that large pockets of land – mainly in rural areas – don't currently have access to high-speed internet. Some areas may not have access to the internet at all.

That's why we are helping support a grant application to access federal grant money to build more high-speed internet infrastructure in East Gwillimbury. To do this, we need to collect data on areas in East Gwillimbury that don't currently have access to high-speed internet.

Update (August 15, 2017)

Connect to Innovate Broadband Funding Application

In the Spring of this year the Town participated in York Region's Connect to Innovate application to the federal government in response to their recent announcement of the Connect to Innovate funding program which is allocating $500 million to increase broadband capacity across Canada’s rural and remote areas.

The application was submitted with a request for funding to expand the York Telecom Network in Northern York Region. The photo here shows the proposed loops. It is the Town’s hope that through partnering with the Region and other Northern municipalities we can advance this project for residents and businesses.

It is anticipated that the Region will hear back regarding the report this Fall.


Broadband Loops

How you can help!

We are asking EG residents with (and without!) internet service to provide your name, full street address (ie: 19000 Leslie Street not St.), internet connection speed, and internet service provider. 

If you do not have access to internet services at your home or business, we need to hear from you too.  Please leave us a message stating your name, address and that no internet service is available in your area.
You can provide feedback through any of the following ways:

  • Fill in the brief online survey
  • Email 
  • Call 905-478-4283 ext. 3299  and leave a voicemail with the above details

*If you do not know your internet connection speed, please visit www.speedtest.netlinks to external site  press the go button and wait for the speed information to display.  The display will show your upload and download rates.  
Caution: is a third partied website.  Only click the GO! icon - please ignore any pop up ads, etc. 

East Gwillimbury is committed to protecting your privacy. We do not sell, rent or exchange any personal information supplied by you to any third party. Nor do we use any of the information you provide for direct marketing.