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Parking patrol is conducted on a daily basis.  There is a three hour maximum parking restriction, unless otherwise posted, on all roads in East Gwillimbury.

Parking tickets are issued for a number of violations as per the Town’s Parking By-law.  

If you receive a parking ticket you have three options:

  1. Pay the set fine as prescribed on the Parking Infraction Notice (ticket).  Payment can be made in person at the Civic Centre, by mail, or by depositing a cheque along with the ticket into the drop box located at the front doors of the Civic Centre.
  2. Dispute the ticket: you must first call the Town office at 905-478-4282 to book a First Attendance appointment with a By-law staff member.  If the matter is not resolved you may, at this time, request a trial.
  3. Trial: after you have attended the Civic Centre for a First Attendance meeting and wish to dispute the ticket further, you can then fill out an “Intention to Appear” to have a trial scheduled.  Once the forms have been filled out they will be sent to the courts and you will receive a notice in the mail advising you of your trial date.

Parking Considerations

The Town of East Gwillimbury accepts requests for parking consideration from the three hour maximum for special circumstances such as out-of-town guests, driveway repairs, or special occasions. Considerations are issued for short-terms only at the discretion of the By-law Department. Once the parking consideration is received a by-law officer will respond indicating if the request is approved or denied. Parking considerations are not granted in the event of a snow event. All vehicles are to be removed to allow for snow clearing operations.