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Official Plan

What is an Official Plan?

An Official Plan describes the Town’s policies on how land in the community should be used. It is prepared with input from you and your fellow citizens and helps to ensure that future planning and development will meet the specific needs of your community.

An Official Plan deals mainly with issues such as:

  • where new housing, industry, offices and shops will go
  • what services like roads, water mains, sewers, parks and schools will be needed
  • when and in what order parts of your community will grow 

Official Plans for regions deal with broad planning issues that affect more than one municipality. All local Official Plans and Zoning By-laws must conform to the regional plan. However, an official plan is not set forever. The plan can also be changed or amended as the community’s needs change.

Why Do You Need an Official Plan?

The Town’s Official Plan:

  • lets the public know what the municipality’s general land use planning policies are
  • makes sure that growth is coordinated and meets your community needs
  • helps all members of your community understand how their land can be used now and in the future
  • helps decide where roads, water mains, sewers, parks and other services will go
  • provides a framework for setting local regulations and standards, like the size of lots and height of buildings
  • provides a way to settle conflicting land uses while meeting local, regional and provincial interests
  • shows your council’s commitment to the planned growth of your community

Official Plan Document

The Town of East Gwillimbury's Official Plan was adopted by Town Council on June 28, 2010. The Official Plan was subject to a number of appeals and the majority of the Official Plan (2010) was approved by the Ontario Municipal Board in 2013. Please note that the following Official Plan Office Consolidation includes decisions and amendment to October 2018.

The 2010 Town of East Gwillimbury Official Plan
October 2018 Office Consolidation

Note: Where sections/policies are highlighted in yellow, this indicates that these policies remain under appeal and are not currently in effect. Where sections/policies of this Plan are not in effect, portions of the Town’s existing plans, as outlined below, still apply:

  • Rural Official Plan #95, as amended by the Oak Ridges Moraine conformity Amendment #116
  • Holland Landing/River Drive Park (OPA #60) as amended
  • Queensville (OPA’s #89 and #115) as amended
  • Sharon (OPA #122) as amended
  • Mount Albert (OPA #72) as amended
  • Green Lane West (OPA #110) as amended.

Printed copies of the Official Plan are available from the Town for a fee and can be obtained from the Development Services Department at the Town Offices located at 19000 Leslie Street in Sharon.