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Posted March 24, 2020

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Community Park, Recreation & Culture Strategic Master Plan


The Community Park, Recreation & Culture Strategic Master Plan articulates the planning and developmental needs and priorities associated with recreation programs, facilities, culture, parks, trails and open space. The master planning period extends over a ten year period to 2018.

The Strategic Master Plan has employed a comprehensive methodology that considers demographics, leisure trends, the current municipal supply of facilities and programs, and opinions of the public and municipal officials and staff in conjunction with municipal goals, service level provision targets, and an audit of the Town's leisure service delivery system.

The result of these analyses are over eighty strategic actions guiding the Town to effectively deliver parks, recreation and cultural facilities and services to the current and future residents of East Gwillimbury.

Supporting Documents

Detailed technical analyses supporting the Strategic Master Plan is contained in three background reports. The Planning Context Report establishes baseline information such as population forecasts, leisure trends, parks and facility inventories, and results from public consultation initiatives. The Needs Assessment Report and Service Delivery Report synthesize this baseline information with facility provision and service-level targets, as well as other indicators of community need to establish the strategic actions set out in this Strategic Master Plan document.

In conjunction with the Strategic Master Plan, the Town of East Gwillimbury and the Project Consultants have prepared a separate Parkland Standard Design Manual. The Manual facilitates the design and development of parks and trails with the Town of East Gwillimbury, while incorporating the vision, goals and objectives of the Strategic Master Plan.

Community Park, Recreation & Culture Strategic Master Plan
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