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Candidate Financial Statements

Office of the Mayor

Franco Colavecchia: Financial Statement- F. Colavecchia

Virginia Hackson: Financial Statement- V. Hackson


Councillor, Ward 1

Loralea Carruthers: Financial Statement- L. Carruthers

Terry E. Foster: Financial Statement- T. Foster

Joel Kearney: Financial Statement- J. Kearney

Calum MacMillan: Financial Statements- C. MacMillan

Jeremy Smith: Financial Statement- J. Smith

Leen "Dutch" Spiering: Financial Statement- L. D. Spiering


Councillor, Ward 2

Aida Kostuck: Financial Statement- A. Kostuck

Joe Persechini: Financial Statement- J. Persechini

Tara Roy-DiClemente: Financial Statement- T. Roy-DiClemente


Councillor, Ward 3: 

Scott Crone: Financial Statement- S. Crone

Susan Lahey: Financial Statement- S. Lahey

Cathy Morton: Financial Statement- C. Morton

Melody Somerville: Financial Statement- M. Somerville


School Board Trustee 

York Catholic District School Board

Shawn Gaudet: Financial Statement- S. Gaudet

Theresa McNicol: Financial Statement- T. McNicol


York Region District School Board

Katelyn Moore: Financial Statement- K. Moore

Lena Singh: Financial Statement- L. Singh

Elizabeth Terrell-Tracey: Financial statement- E. Terrell-Tracey


Conseil scolaire Viamonde Trustee

Francois Guerin: Financial Statement- F. Guerin

Karine Richard: Financial Statement- K. Ricard


Conseil scholaire catholique MonAvenire

Kathleen Beal: Financial Statement- K. Beal

Maxime Papillon: Financial Statement- M. Papillon


Third Party Advertiser

Campaign Life Coalition: Financial Statement- Campaign Life Coalition