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Electoral Review

In 2016, the Town of East Gwillimbury retained the consultant team of Dr. Andrew Sancton and Dr. Tim Cobban to conduct an independent review of the Town’s electoral system. 

The Electoral Review for the Town of East Gwillimbury is both timely and necessary. The present electoral system has been in place since 1971, and has not yet undergone a formal, independent review.

The consultants conducted a full review of East Gwillimbury’s current electoral system and the types of changes that could be made to it, including switching to a ward-based system, using ranked ballots in municipal elections, increasing the size of council, and electing a deputy mayor. 


Next Steps: 

A workshop will be held in early 2017 for further review and discussion. Further information regarding the potential costs, expectations and timelines for implementation will be reviewed at that time.

Residents will be welcome to attend to learn more about the proposed options and provide comment for Council’s consideration.