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Mayor Column May 2016

Our Town is growing and all you have to do is take a short drive around Town to see the changes. While out in the community I often have the opportunity to speak with residents and there is a consistent theme to the questions I hear. People want to know about growth and how it is shaping the future of EG. These are great questions and I will address them in my monthly column. Today, I am going to start with the questions I hear most often in the community.

First and foremost, I am often asked about the new development happening around Town.

Many of the subdivisions currently being developed were approved as far back as the early 1990s.  Approvals were based on sewer servicing provided by the extension of “the big pipe” known as the York Durham Sewer System (YDSS). 

Over the last year, extensive work on the YDSS has occurred. This is one of York Region’s largest projects and includes pumping stations, connecting pipes and the installation of the big pipe down 2nd Concession. Now that these are in place (or nearing completion) the developments are able to begin construction.

Over the next few years you will see subdivisions built as they hook up to the YDSS.

Many residents also want to know what is happening with 2nd Concession.

York Region is coming close to the end of construction between Green Lane and Mount Albert Rd. This section of road is scheduled to open this fall. Right now the contractor is constructing the bridge over the train tracks and Holland River. Other finishing works include storm sewers, curbs, street lighting, dedicated bike lanes, landscaping and final paving.

Residents also ask what the construction on Green Lane just west of Leslie St. is.

This is Murrell Blvd., a future connecting link between Mount Albert Rd. and Green Lane. The road will be opened in portions with the entire road open by the end of summer 2016. Murrell Blvd. will become the main route for construction vehicles alleviating the pressure from Leslie St. and will eventually serve as a main road for residents in the new Sharon development.

Another common question I hear is what new facilities are coming to EG.

The Town is working on plans for an Operations Centre, which will move the public works yard from Sharon to a new location on Doane Rd., off of Woodbine Ave. This project is currently in the design phase with construction planned for 2017-2018.

The Town is working on plans for a Healthy and Active Living Plaza which will feature recreation facilities, pool and library. Our commitment as Council is that growth pays for growth; meaning 100 per cent of this facility will be paid for through development charges, not taxes. Expect to hear more about this exciting project in the coming years!

Join me at my next One on One on May 26 from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. at the Farmers’ Market Opening Day to discuss these projects and more.